IFRS 16 Illustrative examples

These examples accompany, but are not part of, IFRS 16. They illustrate aspects of IFRS 16 but are not intended to provide interpretative guidance. They are detailed in the Official Book in PDF, ISBN 978-1-911040-06-4 available online thanks to the Australian Accounting Standards Board.

We grab a cup of and made a review of all IFRS 16 illustrative examples

Example n° eLease16
13, Measurement by a lessee and accounting for a change in lease term
14, Variable lease payments dependent on an index and variable lease payments linked to sales
15, Modification that is a separate lease
16, Modification that increases the scope of the lease by extending the contractual lease term
17, Modification that decreases the scope of the lease
18, Modification that both increases and decreases the scope of the lease
19, Modification that is a change in consideration only
20, Sublease classified as a finance lease, for lessors only
21, Sublease classified as an operating lease, for lessors only
23, Extension options and termination options
24, Sale and leaseback transactions

It's up to you to manage these cases, considering your own context and contracts:

Example n°
1, Identifying a lease, Rail cars
2, Identifying a lease, Concession space
3, Identifying a lease, Fibre-optic cable
4, Identifying a lease, Retail unit
5, Identifying a lease, Truck rental
6, Identifying a lease, Ship
7, Identifying a lease,Aircraft
8, Identifying a lease, Contract for shirts
9, Identifying a lease, Contract for energy/power
10, Identifying a lease, Contract for network services
11, Leases of low-value assets and portfolio application
12, Lessee allocation of consideration to lease and non-lease components of a contract
22, Variable payment terms